Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Thoughts from the past (1)


Being from Belgium where the devise is 'union makes force' I always believe this and getting other organisations together with the same outlook makes us stronger. I chair the Gay Business Association in UK and have started the Gay Professional Network a few years back to make meaningful business and social relationships. I use most of the LGBT websites in UK and we help each others advertising our events.

UK, London particularly,  is possibly the most liberal of countries and yet we face ourself still  with gay bashing and religious behemoth on the gay marriage and other issues.

The key is education, if people are not educated from the start, hard belief perdure. There is an element of fear of the unknown for the uneducated masses, what one does not understand immediately rejects when an educated person will reason and find a solution or an agreement.

I do get calls from people who are isolated and yet have no idea that a street away from them is the place they were looking for. Sometimes people just want to talk and share their experience. I embrace this in my Networkings, I make sure I introduce people who need to meet and never leave someone on their own. I make people at ease.

Let's stay in touch and speak soon.

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