Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January 2014

Thank you for coming last night at Kamique and particular thanks to Danielle Wilson and her team to make us particularly welcome.
Next month we are going East to Positive East.  Paul Fleming will be speaking about the Charity and its work. There is no licensed bar at the venue but donations will be accepted for drinks and nibbles provided. Please book now http:/gpn.eventbrite.com
to take your early bird, £10 instead of £20.

 If you have any plans to go on holidays this year, I recommend you to experience the warm hospitality of our member Giacomo Zanetti http://adamandstevetravel.co.uk/
I was in Palermo last year in November and am going back there in April to look at Etna and will also be going in May to Puglia. Join me?

Read more about me, what I do, can do for you and look out for invitations to parties on http://jeanfrancoisdor.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/happy-new-year-and-some-information-of.html

You are also invited to join The City of London Gay Meetup Group http://www.meetup.com/GayLondonCity/ on the 30th January at the Commercial Tavern, this is free to join and is more of a social evening, although you may find similar people.         Book now on http://gaylondoncity.eventbrite.com

The Gay Professional Network is your platform to promote your cause, your business, venue and yourself. It  helps your further your business or career and makes meaningful business and social contacts. You get connected, proactive and productive.
It was suggested last night to circulate the list of people attending at our events, you can share info on our site http://gaypronet.ning.com.  Although not everybody joins the site, I am indeed your axis and can put you in touch with people. However for the first time, you can view the list here (Just the name, title and companies).
I very much look forward to seeing you again soon. You are most welcome to contact me at any other time even if it is to go out for a drink.
Enjoy the wonderful weekend ahead! Happy New Year, peace, love, joy, health and wealth to you and your family!

Yours sincerely,

Jean-François Dor
Mobile: + 44 7831 782 200
Home: + 44 208 521 98 18
Jean-François Dor                              "I am easily satisfied with the very best"
gets people together and makes it happen.          Sir Winston Churchill
Artist, Public Relations, Marketing, Off Market Properties and Events.

Thoughts from the past (2)

Generally speaking the LGBT community used to be called DINK (dual income no kids). It is not true anymore as there are many couples who have adopted or surrogated children.

The aspect you are talking is obvious: if someone at work has to hide his/her sexuality, this will affect the productivity of the organisation.

To promote a gay friendly image is somehow/sometimes ironic. You either accept or tolerate. Some companies promote and even embrace this image such as PwC and other companies of great impact in the civil society.

Now if you promote yourself as a gay friendly company in a majority islamic community, say in Birmingham's suburb, this will not improve their bottom line...

At the moment the religion/lgbt aspect is pandemic and some companies will have to see what link they want or not.

Generally speaking this should improve your productivity.

Thoughts from the past (1)


Being from Belgium where the devise is 'union makes force' I always believe this and getting other organisations together with the same outlook makes us stronger. I chair the Gay Business Association in UK and have started the Gay Professional Network a few years back to make meaningful business and social relationships. I use most of the LGBT websites in UK and we help each others advertising our events.

UK, London particularly,  is possibly the most liberal of countries and yet we face ourself still  with gay bashing and religious behemoth on the gay marriage and other issues.

The key is education, if people are not educated from the start, hard belief perdure. There is an element of fear of the unknown for the uneducated masses, what one does not understand immediately rejects when an educated person will reason and find a solution or an agreement.

I do get calls from people who are isolated and yet have no idea that a street away from them is the place they were looking for. Sometimes people just want to talk and share their experience. I embrace this in my Networkings, I make sure I introduce people who need to meet and never leave someone on their own. I make people at ease.

Let's stay in touch and speak soon.

All best wishes,


Friday, 17 January 2014

people attending on 16/01/2014

Adam J. Sykes
Claremont Furnishing Fabrics Co Ltd

Dr Catherine Meads (spoke for the LGBT Consortium)
Health Economics Research Group
Brunel University, Uxbridge

Darren Hutchinson
Hutchinson Moss Ltd

David Patrick Dominey
Accountant (Semi-retired)

David Williams
Director of Business a Organisation Development
Director Corporate Engagement
Work Based Learning
at Middlesex University

Drew Cotty

Fabio Pacheco Tavares
Freelancer Promoter and Host
FAB Hospitality & Promotions

Ian Dodds PhD, FRSA
Managing Director
Ian Dodds Consulting Ltd

Jac Papini
Learning and Development
Project Co-ordinator
redr uk

Jacopo Guarnieri
Jacopo Guarnieri Consultancy
Fashion/Media HR Project ManagerSpecialist in Diversity and Inclusion

James Roberts
The List

James Russell
Spring Law

John Greager
Spring Law

Jorge Vence, Cmgr McMi
Independent Consultant
Professional Network Marketer
Arbonne Internationa

Karl Wiseman
Senior Account Executive
Redleaf Polhill

Kyle Whittington
Whittington's Tea Emporium

Lester Waters
Vice President
Managing Director
Garrick House

Mario De Bortoli-Jones
Senior Account Director
Lingo24 Ltd

Mazz Image
Creative Director
Palo Alto Media Group

Richard Acreman

Rob Okin

Roger Hearing
Writer and Broadcaster
Hearing Things Ltd

Roland Marsden
Schlumberger Business Consulting

Stephen Coote
GBA Co-ordinator
Gay Business Association

Stuart Anthony, DipFA CeMAP CeFA
Independent Financial Adviser
Ce MAP Mortgage & Protection Adviser
Financial Services