Wednesday 18 October 2023

Trustees needed for Impactful Lives

Dear Members,

Please find below an email from Andrew Waite, member and regular attendee of GPN with his husband Alexandre.


The details are at the bottom of our website page (scroll to the bottom):

Hi Jean-Francois,

 I wonder if you could spread the love?

We are recruiting for new Trustees for the charity (details attached).

It was sent a to a general organisation and of course, there were no LGBTQ+ applying from there.

Extending recruitment dates…

 As we only want people with lived experience, this seems a good place to advertise.

There are three different functions although we may not want all three to start at the same time.

 Appreciate your help, as ever.

 Kind regards,

 Andrew Waite                                                                                   

Chair of Trustees                                                                              

Impactful Lives (Charity No. 1203136)                                    

Registered Charity Number: 1203136


Monday 4 September 2023

Highlight of our member: Darren Murphy, Tony Selimi and Steve Nallon


Darren is a multi-talented actor, writer, producer, and director. He recently gained recognition for his debut short film Blueberry Smoothie, winning awards at various festivals and premiering at the London Independent Film Festival. 

In 2014, Darren founded his production company, Making Productions, which focuses on showcasing diverse talent in the performing arts. With Making Productions, he has produced 24 plays, musicals, and operas, including a nominated Olivier Award production. Darren is now seeking funding to produce his next two shorts, Shift and Glitch, which tackle environmental and relationship themes respectively. 

Glitch has already received positive feedback and awards, and both films will be submitted to BAFTA and Academy Award-qualifying festivals. 

Learn more about Darren and his production company at


Tony J. Selimi 

Tony J. Selimi is a celebrated author, transformational life coach, and dedicated business strategist with profound expertise in human behaviour and maximising human potential. With over 25 years of personal growth and professional skill development, Tony has facilitated countless individuals and corporations to attain their loftiest aspirations.

A revered speaker, Tony is known for his potent ability to motivate and invigorate people and organisations to actualise their full potential. He has penned several influential books, including ‘A Path to Wisdom’, ‘#Loneliness’, 'The Unfakeable Code®', and ‘A Path to Excellence’, with two more within the pipeline.

His innovative coaching programs and workshops assist individuals and organisations in surmounting hurdles, solving issues, and attaining success in the personal, relationship, professional, educational, and social spheres. As a frequent guest on globally recognised platforms like BBC, SKY, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, Tony reaches an audience of over 100 million globally.


Social Media Links








Steve Nallon

Steve Nallon has had many jobs. Actor. Puppeteer. Radio presenter. University lecturer. Comedian. And now – at 62 – novelist. Steve came to talk to us about transferable skills last in August 2023. 

His book, "The time that never was" is a fantasy that may make you laugh and think.

Twitter @SteveNallon

Instagram steve_nallon

Thursday 31 August 2023

Peter Tatchell



#PTFweekly 24 August 2023 #264

Straight woman murdered for raising Pride flag

Grindr is union busting! Solidarity with its staff!

Hello Jean-Fran├žois,

Straight shop owner shot dead over LGBT+ Pride flag displayed at her store. Homophobia kills! Even LGBT+ allies get targeted & murdered READ MORE Further evidence that anyone who supports LGBT+ equality is at risk of violence - even in 2023!

Queer people are hiding their identity in public as anti-LGBT+ hate crime soars! The Clapham stabbing and this week's Manchester attack are forcing people back into closet. READ MORE Official stats show that homophobic hate crimes have risen by 41%. The battle for freedom & equality is FAR from over.

PT Signature _2_.png

Being an LGBT+ ally cost Laura Ann her life!

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Fancy a flutter in the Rainbow Lottery? Buy tickets HERE and help support the PTF.

LGBTs face an uncertain old age

Many LGBT+ retired people will struggle to make ends meet - more so than the general population.

Some will live in poverty in old age, says new report.

And many will be at risk of homophobic abuse in care homes. Shame!


Video of the Week

Equality within a flawed status quo is not liberation. It's equality but within an existing unjust system

We need to change society, not merely win our equal place within it!


Good News

Drag queen makes historic run for office to bring a ‘voice to the voiceless’ in Florida politics

Florida has some of the worst anti-LGBT+ laws in America.


Media can't say 'homosexual': Must use 'sexual deviant'

Iraq's official media regulator has ordered all media and social media companies to use 'sexual deviance' when talking about LGBTs.

Iraq's loosely defined morality laws target sexual & gender minorities.

Iraq's parliament is also considering criminalising same-sex relations & punishing them with death!


Never forget: 10-years since Syria's chemical massacre

August 2013: Syrian dictator President Assad launched a chemical weapons attack on Ghouta.

1,119 civilians, including 99 children, massacred.

The ICC must prosecute Assad for war crimes!


Grindr retaliates against staff for trying to unionise

Grindr workers say the company is cracking down on unionisation efforts with new rules that will radically disrupt staff lives or force them to quit. 

The company has refused to negotiate with the union, despite boasting 'healthy revenue growth.'

Solidarity with Grindr staff, who bring fun and happiness to millions.


The aim of #PTFweekly is to bring you a flavour of the LGBT+ & human rights stories of the week, as well as inform you of the work of the Peter Tatchell Foundation. We can't guarantee the accuracy of external links.

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Stand Out


At StartOut, we know LGBTQ+ founders are not the only people who face additional barriers when starting our businesses. This month, our friends at Fearless Fund were unfairly sued under the guise of 'racial discrimination' when in reality they are working to ensure women of color have an equal opportunity for success. 

We must continue to work together to ensure everyone has a fair chance. Understanding this, we drafted the below statement signed by our LGBTQ+ partners making clear that we support Fearless Fund and our shared vision for a more equitable entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

To learn more, visit Fearless Fund

A Joint Statement from LGBTQ+ Organizations
On the Lawsuit Against Fearless Fund

As LGBTQ+ investors, founders, and advocates, we proudly stand with Fearless Fund and share their commitment to equity, inclusivity, and empowerment. We know well the ways in which chronic underinvestment, bias, limited access to networks, and the lack of meaningful representation can limit success.  

This misplaced lawsuit underscores the very real challenges and entrenched injustices that so many face every day when pursuing strength, stability, and success. We support Fearless Fund in their essential work toward an entrepreneurship ecosystem – and society – that ensures opportunities for everyone to thrive.   


12th Annual StartOut Awards
October 12th, 2023 | 6:30PM ET
New York City

StartOut invites you to the LGBTQ+ entrepreneur event of the year, honoring founders and business leaders for their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. 

This year, the event will recognize and honor industry icons for their outstanding representation of the LGBTQ+ community and culminate a year of innovation as we continue our work to build economic equality through entrepreneurship. Join us for an unforgettable night of networking and celebration!

The StartOut Awards are generously sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company, Comcast NBCUniversal, Ogilvy, and Silicon Valley Bank, A Division of First Citizens Bank.

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