Thursday, 26 March 2015

Happy Easter and April events

 Walthamstow Gay Meetup
 1st Anniversary
 Thursday 9th April
 £ 5 membership per year

GPN Dinner
 Grace (near Piccadilly Circus)
 Tuesday 13th April
 £37.75 all included: meal, wine, coffee, service & VAT

GPN at the Theatre with The List
 Thursday 16th April
 £20 (or included in membership)

 City of London Gay Meetup
  Thursday 23rd April
  £ 5 membership for the year

Full membership of GPN includes all events, except the dinners.

Happy Easter and see you soon!
 Best wishes,

Pictures from Beatrice Colbrant, Thank you!

 Jean-François Dor and the GAY PROFESSIONAL NETWORK,,

Tolis Simpson and his team, CECIL’S, 8 Holyrood street, London SE1 2EL,  020 7403 8293,

Paul Fleming and his team, POSITIVE EAST, 159 Mile End Road, London E1 4AG, 020 7791 2855,

Adam Shailes and his team, RED ROUTE MASTER, Hire, 020 7000 1952,

Peccadillo, Sue Porter and Lizzie Frith of PORTERFRITH,