Thursday, 28 May 2015

Walk with Positive East at Gay Pride London 2015- get a Free T-Shirt!


Fancy marching with Positive East at this year’s Gay Pride ? 

Please see all of details below and contact either Paul or Jonathan if you wish to join them on the march, sadly for the first time, I shall not be able to do it as this is a dear friend birthday party in Bournemouth.

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As Walk for Life’s been cancelled, why not March with us at Gay Pride on Saturday June 27.

FREE Positive East t-shirt for everyone who does.

Our Walking Group: should arrive from 12:30 and not before to our designated Section D which begins at 55 Baker Street.  With the Parade due to depart at 13:00.
We’re marching just behind St John’s Ambulance (handy for any emergencies!) with CloneZone following (amongst many others!).

Always a fun day – and more the merrier (Bring your friends!)!

Join us for the march, and then go off to enjoy Pride! If you’d to join us, either contact Paul or
Jonathan Whitehouse
Communications Officer

Positive East, 159 Mile End Road, London E1 4AQ
020 7791 2855

Positive Voices: watch our short film on the challenges faced by people living with HIV in London today

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