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join a European wide advisory board for an EU funded research project on the experiences of LGBT migrants.


Epsilon LGBT research and training project

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    Dear all,

    IARS International Institute are working with organisations from Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands and Italy to under take a research and training project on the experiences of LGBT migrants in Europe.

    As part of this project IARS International Institute are looking to recruit volunteers to join a European wide advisory board for an EU funded research project on the experiences of LGBT migrants.

    The Advisory board will be open to academics, practitioners and LGBT migrants themselves from across Europe  and will involve advising on research findings and subsequent publications and training material through online engagement ad quarterly Skype meetings.

    It is expected that there will need to be a 2-4 hour commitment a month.

    To find out more about the project as a whole please  go to the project website

    In the next few weeks we will also be looking for similar participants to complete a short survey either as their experiences of being an LGBT migrant in the UK or as a practitioner working in the field.

    For more information about the project please e mail James on

    To apply to be a part of the advisory board, please send a CV to

    The deadline for advisory board applications is 19th of December

    Thank you


    James Alexander, Projects Coordinator (Equalities) 
    Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS)
    14 Dock Offices, Surrey Quays Road, Canada Water
    London SE16 2XU, United Kingdom
    Office line: 0207 0644380, Office Mobile: 07833224442

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