Friday, 21 February 2014

February 2014

Thank you for attending last night GPN at  Positive East,  Paul Fleming and his team made us particularly welcome. Through donations and pledges, over £500 was raised last night, thank you for your generosity.

Next month, Thursday 20th March, we are going to Leon de Bruxelles.   Please book now http:/
to take your early bird, £10 instead of £20.

Next Tuesday, 25th February, we have an informal drink in the City of London with the City of London Gay meetup and you are most welcome. Free to join and is more of a social evening, although you may find similar people: Details

If you have any plans to go on holidays this year, I recommend you to experience the warm hospitality of our member Giacomo Zanetti
I was in Palermo last year in November and am going back there in April to look at Etna and will also be going in May to Puglia. Join me? I know one person from our group last night is already signed up.

Read more about me, what I do, can do for you and look out for invitations to parties on

You may know someone interested in the Village for the LGBT over 50's who want to retire in style in the South of France and can afford it. see more here

The Gay Professional Network is your platform to promote your cause, your business, venue and yourself. It  helps your further your business or career and makes meaningful business and social contacts. You get connected, proactive and productive.
It was suggested last night to circulate the list of people attending at our events, you can share info on our site  Although not everybody joins the site, I am indeed your axis and can put you in touch with people. However for the second time, you can view the list here (Just the name, title and companies).
I very much look forward to seeing you again soon. You are most welcome to contact me at any other time even if it is to go out for a drink.
Enjoy the wonderful weekend ahead!
Yours sincerely,

Jean-François Dor
Mobile: + 44 7831 782 200
Home: + 44 208 521 98 18
Jean-François Dor                                               "I am easily satisfied with the very best"
gets people together and makes it happen.                  Sir Winston Churchill
Artist, Public Relations, Marketing, Off Market Properties and Events.

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