Friday, 22 August 2014

Gay Professional Network - the facts

GPN started in May 2010 with a handful of friends and we now have a great
following of professional people reaching over 6 million people in the world with a
membership in London alone of over 10,000 High Net Worth Individuals.

As you may know, the Network meets every third Thursday of the month and we
attract speakers from various worlds. 40 to 60 people attend these events with peaks
of 100 and even 250 once.

This is the LGBT platform to promote your causes, companies, venues & businesses.

Profile of people attending are: Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Hedge Funds owners,
Property Developers, CEO of Top Companies in UK and the World, Actors,
Musicians, Singers, Models and others in the entertainment and communication
industry, some are students too aspiring to network with people in the know and
others looking at their next step in their careers. All very nice people in a relaxed

Details of the last or next event can be seen on, you can
also see the other events on the main site (Login is

Partners, as I hope you shall be, get an exposure to several million professional LGBT
people in and around London through websites: Gay Business Association, Gay
Professional Network, social websites and direct personalised emails and press
releases. GPN now reaches several thousand people in London by direct email on a
personalised basis.

Reaches are:
  •  several hundred hand selected people on the website.
  • 409,430 people on LinkedIn
  • 2, 229,080 people on facebook
  • 3, 773, 930 people on other websites
with a combined total of 6,043,953 people. That is not counting on the exponential
element of people recommending the GPN.

To communicate to this targeted audience only cost £500 for a 150 words paragraph including a link to your website and contact details.

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