Friday, 14 July 2017

Job offer: Engagement Officer at LGBT Consortium

Good afternoon everyone

Am sending this email out to all our Member organisations across London. Am really pleased, and hopefully you will have seen coverage, that Consortium has been funded by City Bridge Trust for 3 years to build an online LGBT services portal and provide capacity building support to LGBT organisations in London. This is a really exciting project because it will mean we can look at some of the recommendations from the Still Out There Research and look to move forward with them. It is also exciting as we will be partnering with GMFA/HERO with this project who will lead on the building of the online portal and ensuring it remains up to date.

As part of this, we are recruiting a part-time member of staff for 3 days a week as an Engagement Officer. Recruitment is open with a deadline of Thursday 26th July at midday. Information about the role, along with the job description and application form can be found at

GMFA/HERO will also be recruiting a role as part of this project, as well as using other funding to top the role up to full time. Their job information can be found at and deadline is Wednesday 26th July at midday.

Please could I ask you to circulate information about these jobs to anyone you think might have the right skills and experience.

We very much look forward to working with all our Members across London as this project develops and have some exciting opportunities for you all to get involved—even having opportunities to be paid to engage!

Thanks everyone and best wishes


Paul Roberts OBE
Chief Executive Officer
LGBT Consortium

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