Monday, 16 April 2018

call for people to participate in a film to be screen at London Pride.

Hope you are well, I was wondering if someone would be able to help!
I am a film student and head of welfare for the LGBT+ society at London South Bank University. I have recently been funded by the O2 GoThinkBig scheme for a documentary I pitched to them. I want to make a documentary miniseries covering a wide range of LGBTQ+ related issues; such as the gender spectrum, what it means to be non-binary, the age of consent for transitioning, coming out, how LGBTQ+ people/relationships are represented in the media, mental health and how the lack of sex and relationship education (SRE) can negatively affect LGBT+ people.
I'm looking for a few people to take part, particularly people from BAME backgrounds, people who have experience educating/talking to various communities about LGBTQ+ issues and people from different parts of the gender spectrum.
I have attached a treatment document, which explains my idea in more detail. I'd really like some advice/ help getting people from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum involved!
Ideally, I'd like the documentary series to be ready by London Pride this year on the 7th of July and for it to be suitable to play out to students at college and in Universities as well as approaching LGBTQ+ and other, bigger film festivals.
Hope to hear back from you to talk about this further!
Many Thanks, 

Lauren Halsey
M: 07806690532

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