Friday, 8 February 2019

Join us on the 19th, we are expecting you!


Join us on the 19th with @ollypike #lgbthm19 #education #gaypronet #gay #lgbt #instagay #gaystagram #gaymen #gaylife #gayprofessional

Join us for a social networking drink in the Civil Service Club, a stone throw from Trafalgar Square on Tuesday 19th February. 

All members have the opportunity, not at all compulsory, to say a few words, if they choose to do so, 2 minutes maximum each but most fit this within 30 seconds 
like "Hi, I am J-F and organise events, chat with me after to find out more or if need help with any forthcoming celebration, meeting, incentive, conference and events." 

This month, I will say a few words about the LGBT History Month and have invited other speakers. Do check their diary 

Olly PikeI am delighted to announce that Olly Pikewill say a few words about his educational resources for children, parents, schools to create a more accepting world for future generations. 

The privatised area that is reserved for us is at the further end of the main bar so order your drink(s) in passing and join us, pick up your badge and start meeting likeminded people. 

Your name (when you register) is on the list at the reception, there is no need to print any confirmation, we expect you. 

It is a free event to our contributing and honorary members and they take priority in the bookings: badges are prepared.  Non-members are asked to pay £30 towards the organisation of the evening either in cash or card on arrival, if space allows.   

Please RSVP here if you have not done so already:
Share this event with and invite your friends and colleagues, ask them to join us on (only £20 a year...)

Please share this event on Facebook and Twitter with your friends.

I very much look forward to seeing you then. 

With all best wishes, 

J-F for GPN

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