Friday, 10 March 2017

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Top Headlines for Wednesday Mar 8, 2017

Top Story High school takes down rainbow flag after trans student complains
The unnamed student was uneasy with the media's reporting on the gesture of solidarity.
The vital lesson this story of fleeing the Westboro Baptist Church can teach you
The reason Fred Phelps' granddaughter left the hateful church in which she was raised will surprise and inspire you.

Trump will name gay man as NATO ambassador according to White House official
Richard Grenell, if appointed, will become the highest ranking LGBTQ member of the administration.

13 Shots fired at Tulsa LGBTQ Center
The Equality Center says a person driving a white four-door pickup pulled up in front and opened fire at the windows and door.

This child actor’s gay days at Disney cost him his career
Walt Disney personally fired the child star of Old Yeller and The Swiss Family Robinson after finding out he was gay.

Putin and the Ritz: This hilarious Randy Rainbow video will make your day
"Get it? 'Cuz he's orange!"

Police release photos of 5 men who brutally attacked gay couple on train
One man was left with a broken eye socket and the other lost his two front teeth in the attack.

Lesbian teen showers her dad with love for giving her this rainbow umbrella
The adorable dad said he wanted her to never forget that he loves her "no matter what."

NYC man stabs two people at chicken restaurant while shouting homophobic slurs
One man was stabbed in the face and the other in the shoulder and torso in an apparent hate crime.

Court uses loophole to let Kim Davis avoid paying legal fees for wronged couples
The judge said that because the issue was resolved in the legislature, the plaintiffs weren't prevailing parties and aren't entitled to legal fees.

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