Friday, 17 March 2017

Thank you for coming yesterday!

Forgive the round robin but thank you for attending GPN yesterday at The Village.  Your support is really appreciated and it was great  to see you. 
I invite you to join the LGBT Social group every 2nd Wednesday of the month for the Gay London and the Gay Walthamstow every first Friday of the month. FREE Registration for Gay London  FREE Registration for Gay Walthamstow
GPN & GBA meet EVERY 3rd Thursday of the monthRegistration
GPN supports our gay pubs and venues  as they otherwise disappear. The Village has been very welcoming for the past year or so. We like the VERY central Location, however if you have any other suggestion or if you could host yourself in your offices, home or venue, it is richly rewarded as advertised to over 6 millions of our members worldwide, read the statistics of  GPN here.  
It was a lovely evening yesterday when we met new and old friends and people who we made business or introduced each others to make really meaningful and successful business and social contact. You know that the quality of your contacts is better than the quantity. 

GPN is probably the biggest network anywhere: in London, we are about 10,000 and growing steadily. 
Have you looked recently at (because there is only one Gay Professional Network) which gives you a lot more information, such as how far fetching we are,  about our Network?
You can communicate with all the registered members through these media: Facebook Page,  Group and LinkedIn. I invite you to join this groups if you have not already done so.
GPN is a membership organisation and I would like to invite you to take advantage of this special offer of £ 200 a year payable on a recurring basis, this gives you FREE registration to all the networking events named above and from April an additional one that will be open to all LGBTS, yes S stands for Straight, this opens up more windows to our networking. 

If you look at the events section of our website you will discover other very exclusive events, like a lunch in the Guildhall's Crypts with the Lord Mayor and other dinners in private  members clubs. You can still pay monthly too but the on/off facility is now withdrawn. All new members are able to use the one off facility 3 times, this give them time to find out if they want to join or not.

Please go to to make up your choice. 

Members of GBA get another direct link, ask the coordinator, Stephen Cootes.

The Gay Professional Network is your platform to promote your cause, your business, venue and yourself. It  helps your further your business or career and makes meaningful business and social contacts. You get connected, proactive and productive.
It is also a get together of like minded people who enjoy meeting other people. All very nice people in a relaxed atmosphere.

There are many advantages to be a member such as free legal, financial, property or events consultation and free entries to many clubs, discount and other perks, posted on a regular basis on our newsletter, where you will find also news about our members. 
GPN operates since 2010 on a non profit basis. The excess from the membership fees after drinks pays for websites, promotion, stationary, transport & banners.
GPN is proud to be associated with myGworkRegister on this platform(Free) to look for employment in a company free of prejudices. Employers also find the best available from the LGBT Community to ensure diversity in their workforce.
I trust you have made some useful and meaningful contacts. Do keep in touch with them and I.  I was dubbed at an official dinner in the City of London as the most well connected person in London so try me: if I don't know someone I am sure I know someone who does. 
As you may know, I have been in business in UK since 1987 and have a very extensive network of businesses and contacts in the world. I don't speak much about me and my enterprises at the gathering as I give you the opportunity to do so but if you want to know more about me, have a look at my website. 
Finally, I have put the list of attendees with their websites, when known, here, if yours does not show and would like to appear, please let me have it.

I very much look forward to seeing you again soon. 
Best wishes, 
Your success is my ambition.

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