Thursday, 2 March 2017

LGBTQ Nation

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Top Headlines for Wednesday Mar 1, 2017

Top Story Live action Beauty & the Beast remake will feature explicitly gay scene
You always knew there was something going on between Gaston and LeFou.
Does this bar have a transphobic name?
The bar is called Mister Sister. It's the first to open in Burlington in ten years.

Arkansas voted for a federal constitutional convention to ban marriage equality
The Arkansas Senate has endorsed a long-shot effort to push for amending the U.S. Constitution to effectively ban gay marriage and abortion.

Ciara McElveen is the 6th transgender murder victim of 2017
She was the second transgender woman killed in New Orleans in two days, and the third trans woman murdered in a week.

New Orleans held a ‘reverse parade’ to prove we’re never going back
Hundreds gathered on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras for a “reverse parade” to show that New Orleans is a city where ya’ll truly does mean all.

Right wing media is obsessed with witches cursing President Donald Trump
Conservative religious pundits are asking Christians to pray for Trump's protection, because apparently God can't defeat evil spirits without plenty of convincing.

Police caught on tape tasing & arresting marcher at transgender rights protest
It all began over wandering off course and kicking a tent.

Idaho Democrat rebuked for saying LGBTQ people should have same rights as bikers
The legislature is debating a bill that would prevent police profiling of motorcycle riders. The lawmaker said gays shouldn't be discriminated against either.

These Trump inspired cocktails can help you survive the next four years
Worried that your marriage is in danger? You'll want to whip up a “Societal Collapse” for you and your spouse.

After calling them a ‘fa***t,’ this guy punched a person walking down street
The victim fought back and onlookers had to pull them apart.

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