Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Announcement: our Patron & GPN September onwards, have you joined yet?

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All events are free to members, occasionally there are events when we need to preorder tickets and food and drinks at costs, GPN is a not for profit, fully inclusive organisation since 2010 and your platform to promote your cause, business, venue and yourself. It is also a get together of like minded people who enjoy meeting other people. All very nice people in a relaxed atmosphere.

I am delighted to announce that 
The Lord Scriven of Hunters Bar 
has bestowed upon us his Patronage.

Those of you who attended the House of Lords Reception in July will remember his warm welcome and an outstanding visit of the House of Parliament afterward with his husband Dr David Black.

Lord Scriven of Hunters Bar is a liberal democrat peer and former leader of Sheffield City Council, he is still a councillor. He was described once as Nick Clegs's closest ally in local government. He is a businessman consulting in the public & private sector, training and development and an amazing advocate of the LGBT rights in UK and abroad. Follow him on Twitter on https://twitter.com/Paulscriven.

Now for our events:

Wednesday 18th September 2018

Dinner at the  exclusive Savile Club hosted by the Whitefriars Club with The Lord Lisvane, join the Honorary Secretary's table (J-F Dor).

Details & RSVP

Thursday 20th September 

Networking with Italy Gay Travel

Details and RSVP

Friday 21st September
Join the Walthamstow Gay Meetup for an informal drink.

Details and RSVP (Facebook)
Details and RSVP (MeetUp)

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Lunch at the Turf Club hosted by the Toynbee Nicholson Luncheon Club with Jean-François Dor, please ask me for details.

Thursday 18th October 2018

Networking & Social drink at the Apple Tree in Clerkenwell.

Details and RSVP

Please give me your feedback and ask for other events that you may want to organise or attend.

I very much look forward to seeing you soon!

Best wishes,


J-F Dor
Gay Professional Network

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