Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Do you want to find out about non binary and pansexual issues? Director Abel Rubinstein will be answering questions after a short clip of his latest film. Join us on the 18th October in The Apple Tree London, see you soon and spread the word!

Join us for a social networking drink at The Apple Tree in Clerkewell, where you will find a large private room for our use.  

Everyone will have the opportunity to say a few words, if they choose to do so, 2 minutes maximum each but most fit this within 30 seconds like "Hi, I am J-F and organise events, chat with me after to find out more or if need help with any forthcoming celebration, meeting, incentive, conference and events," 

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This evening we will meet writer and director Abel Rubinstein  ( who has written a short film to spreads awareness of non-binary and pansexual issues, based on his own experiences. The script was developed with creative england's Kate O'hara and a short clip will be shown, look at his showreel here ( Q & A will follow a very short presentation.

It is a free event to our paid members, cash bar for all, badges will be prepared. Buy your bottles or drinks at the bar downstairs and come up the rainbow staircase.

Please note that non-members will be asked to pay £20 towards the organisation of the evening either in cash or card on arrival. 

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We look forward to seeing you at the event.

With all best wishes,

J-F for GPN 

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